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This is advantageous for the stability and shelf life of the product without changing or compromising the Aromatics of the item. My particular anointing favorite is my own Hands. Consider them to be as offertory as an incense — the Aromatics will Imbue yourself and your working energy like a prayer, wish or blessing, to the Divinity, Ancestor or Spirit in which you are trying to connect to.

They also make good aids in focusing your energy, will or intention on a deep Spiritual or Soulful level much more than words can express. Each scent is a conduit tapping into your energy and can be more potent than words from a Spell or Ritual Invocation. These scents can be worn at any time with the same intention and focus as your Spiritual practices.

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Purchases have also be made from Turkey, Israel, and Olde Persia; my reach for high quality oils is ever growing. This is a standard percentage within the perfume industry.

Candle Cupboard-Devotional Illuminaries-Home Alquemie-Scented Home

Unlike synthetic fragrance oils; which have no depth or substance and are all chemical, natural oils give a more robust and profound scent; they are not headache inducing, and each have an immeasurable quality to them. Completely nourishing on the skin. Pure Natural Fragrance: These essences allow the fusion of fruits, flora, and real plants materials to morph with your chemistry, naturally.

There are no carriers to prolong the scent such as alcohol, and they nourish and moisturize the skin. All natural creations have been tested and worn by myself and testers to ensure the finest quality both in formation and Alquemie.


Created with natural botanical distillations, Aromatherapy and a passion of scent; the wearer can have a more in depth, healing and individualist sensory experience. Each person can tune into natures true bounty and cycles and thus experience a maturation of aroma. All recipes are Original from My Herbal Grimoire consisting of the finest premium ingredients.

Please advise: if you have an allergy to bees then please contact the Shoppe for a custom listing. Honey is used in many cosmetics as it is a natural humectant. Special requests are always welcomed. Each item is Handmade, giving you a unique, personalized and pampered experience left behind by many large stores or high profiled companies. The entire shoppe, its photography, writings, concept designs and curated items are ran solely by one "Witch" and that is me!!!

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We have many different sage wands for your smudging needs. I enjoy making many of the Wicca supplies like spell kits, ritual oils, perfumes, herb blends and incense. The metaphysical crystals always come in a gift bag with their spiritual properties.

Look for the charmed hand blended ritual oils in the Apothecary: Perfume oils, ritual oils and anointing oils for your own witchcraft and Wicca spells. All the magical herb blends are hand blended by me for that extra energy. I've done the hard work for you by gathering the necessary herbs and oils and blended them to make your casting easier.

Crystal Magick Candle // The Alchemist’s Laboratory // Apothecary Jar

Skip to content You know you need magick, you know you need healing but how to do it? Would you like a potion or healing tincture prepared for you by hand by an experienced Sorceress and Herbalist? How about some fast easy magick in the form of perfume, soap or deodorant you use to empower and heal yourself in any way you desire?

We can do that! We can carve or create candles for your every need. We create all these things and more. Each potion, tincture, tisane or tea we create is made FOR YOU alone with specific attention to the desire you want to manifest or the health problem you are wanting to over come OR both at once!

Anita Apothecary Magick of Mabon