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Books by Dick Gillman

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The narrator of A Gentle Creature is a controlling misogynist, but he is also a beautifully constructed, three-dimensional human being. Great Short Works is a w Fyodor Dostoyevsky does a rare thing here with these masterful stories, and that is to make the reader both despise and understand the unreliable, spiteful, manipulative protagonists of his world.

Great Short Works is a wonderful, though disturbing read, and a wonderful introduction to one of the most philosophically complex authors of the nineteenth century. You got it, Phil: Next comes my goodreads picture. I've re-opened the book to read the last couple stories. If you loved the one Dostoevsky novel you read in high school and never dove into another, then this collection might be a great way to back into his work.

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There's no excuse to miss out on Dostoevsky's unique and well-crafted worlds; get them in your life and share with your friends. These are the old-school translators, for those aware of the new efforts by Richard You got it, Phil: These are the old-school translators, for those aware of the new efforts by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokh. Jun 06, Dave rated it really liked it. A very readable, smooth flowing story of madness in a government official. Many surprises along the way. The introduction says this is an early work that is not on a par with his later works, but I think it worth reading.

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The two main characters are an amoral single man who had an affair with a now deceased married woman, that resulted in a little girl, and the cuckolded widower who sought him out The Double: The two main characters are an amoral single man who had an affair with a now deceased married woman, that resulted in a little girl, and the cuckolded widower who sought him out. These two meet and engage in a running battle of wits that exposes both of them as selfish and oblivious to their own real motives.

The daughter suffers terribly as these two elephants battle above her. The most self-aware characters in the story, other than the tragic little girl, are a group of teens who easily see right through the two of them. The Gambler is a compelling study of a chronic gambler which Dostoyevsky was.

Has any author's reputation fallen further or faster than Dostoevsky's? | Books | The Guardian

For me the memorable character is "Granny" who was supposed to be dying in Moscow and about to enrich a corrupt family with her fortune but instead shows up alive and well in a sedan chair, and proceeds to win and then lose a fortune at roulette at her first time in a casino, while the Gamber advises and then despairs of helping her. She is very, very entertaining, and she exposes the randomness of anyone's success at roulette, not what the Gambler believes in at all. Notes From Underground is a very long essay on Dostoyevsky's personal philosophy concerning our inability to understand our true motives for the actions we take.

The following years were marked by a flurry of journalistic and literary work, some of which was carried out during long stays in Europe where he would escape from his many creditors in Russia. While still in exile, he had married in Mariya Dmitriyevna Isayeva — , a widow with a son whom he adopted. In , Dostoyevsky married his second wife, Anna Grigoryevna Snitkina — , who was to be his most loyal support in the remaining years of his life.

She bore him four children, but only two survived infancy.

Sherlock Holmes and The Birchwood Affair - eBook -

In the years after his return from Siberia Dostoyevsky, in spite of all adversity, produced some of the most profound and gripping works of world literature, amongst them his famous novels: Although it cannot be established with complete certainty whether Tchaikovsky really met Dostoyevsky in — as implied by the memoirs of Herman Laroche , written more than thirty years later — the paths of these two unique artists did cross in some very interesting ways, as we shall see.

First of all, it is worth noting that, despite not having any formal musical background, Dostoyevsky's love of music was genuine and lasted all his life. Many of his strongest musical impressions, however, occurred in his youth: According to contemporary accounts, Dostoyevsky even in later years was very fond of humming arias from Italian operas. In , he also attended a performance of Glinka 's Ruslan and Lyudmila , which became his favourite opera: However, another of Dostoyevsky's favourite composers was Beethoven , and this may shed some light on why, in , Tchaikovsky started writing an article on the German composer TH for a newspaper which was then being edited by Dostoyevsky more on this below.

He liked Fidelio especially, and, after hearing the overture to the opera on one occasion, he exclaimed: He is a poet of love, happiness, and of the pangs of love! TH shows that he, too, responded to those elements in Beethoven 's music which Dostoyevsky was so enthusiastic about. Laroche observed in this regard: Unfortunately, neither Dostoyevsky nor Tchaikovsky in later years referred to such a meeting at Serov 's flat, so Laroche 's account cannot be corroborated.

Abram Gozenpud points out that the above disparaging remarks about Dostoyevsky's lack of competence to judge in musical matters reflect Laroche 's hostile attitude towards the writer.

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Thus, Laroche would argue in an article of that Dostoyevsky had become a reactionary who defended the value of suffering for its own sake, as a purifying force, and who had thereby betrayed the cause of fighting social injustice that he had rallied to in his youth. In , a year after Dostoyevsky's death, Laroche wrote ironically that future generations could acquaint themselves with the " belles-lettres of reaction" by reading Dostoyevsky's works and that "the average reader of the future will probably be astonished by their far-fetched plots, the morbid tension built up in them, the lack of simplicity […] Such a reader will not be able to understand very much in this never-ending 'dance of death'" [7].

Now Tchaikovsky for his part was no 'fan' of Dostoyevsky, as the letter extracts compiled below clearly indicate, but unlike his friend Laroche , he did recognize Dostoyevsky to be "a writer of genius", albeit one who was "antipathetic" to him see letter to his brother Modest below. It is difficult to speculate on what Dostoyevsky and Tchaikovsky might have talked about had they met on that occasion in After all, one was already a prominent writer, the author of Notes from the House of the Dead whose compassionate yet truthful description of life on the penal colony in Siberia had caused a sensation; the other was still a student whose great gifts were unknown to anyone except for a handful of friends and teachers at the Conservatory.