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Then the tapping rituals started. I had to tap the inside of my door a certain even number of times before I could leave the bedroom. Slowly, this tapping to even numbers compulsion took over everything. If I inadvertently touched something, I had to touch it again. I believed, as many people with OCD do, that somehow these rituals would protect me — not just from the ants, but from all bad things. I figured I spent roughly two hours a day doing nothing but OCD behaviors.

Being in school was a nightmare — I had to silently tap the underside of my desk to perform my rituals. My parents never knew. My mom was very happy that I had learned to wash my hands before dinner though. I gradually, very gradually, stopped doing all the rituals. This episode came and went before I saw my first psychologist at the age of By the way, thank you Howie Mandel. The effects linger to this day. I still have an even numbers compulsion. I still catch myself tapping twice on a wall I brushed against.

But the condition does not radically slow down my life as it did when I was 11 and My childhood was stressful, but it was fairly constant stress. The whole episode still confuses me to this day.

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Every counselor I have had has no explanation for what happened to me — why my OCD started, why it went away, what it meant and if it had anything to do with my current conditions. As it happens with mental illness, sometimes we are left with mysteries that are unsolvable. But as I wrote this story, I was almost overcome by anxiety. I wonder what it means? We want to hear your story.

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Boundaries, Family Estrangement and Disownment

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Which Disorders are Comorbid with Borderline Personality Disorder?

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