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Fernando slips away from them, narrowly avoiding castration. Some Latin-speaking Amazons wielding shotguns ride in on horses from some other movie I would have much rather watched than this one. Was all of this confounding? Alarmingly, not as much as I would have guessed based on the plot description I just gave. Indeed, Rodrigues is so thirsty for an out-of-body experience that he puts himself in his own film.

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Though Fernando is played by the French actor Paul Hamy, all his lines have been dubbed over in Portuguese by Rodrigues. As far as his direction goes, Rodrigues frequently pulls his camera back from its standard human-sized perspective on the action, as though to pull us out of the immanence of bodily existence.

Later, as the closing credits roll over the final shot of the film, Fernando still played by Rodrigues grabs Jesus—or, rather, his talkative twin brother Thomas just go with it —by the hand and skips merrily down the highway outside Padua, growing increasingly smaller on the horizon as the camera stays in place. A perky Portuguese love ballad doubling as a downmarket translation of St. The movie opens with an epigraph from a sermon by St.

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Anthony is talking about one of the Persons of the Trinity and not the spirit of the dance. Yeah Hey Yeah, yeah Ayy! Big ol' dinosaur Bs Blatt, blatt! Right behind 'em What? Yeah, all this ice on, baby, heat could find me I see it Just look where it's light at Yeah Yeah, yeah, I won't buy that, uh Yeah I just go in and bite that, yeah I might wake up wearin' it, yeah Yeah I don't give no fuck 'bout your past, yeah Ayy I'm not Lil Wayne, and fuck that nigga, but I gotta take your ass there Woah, say it I don't care if you fucked the whole world, that's before me and you, yeah Oh, oh, free Unfunk, Dulu, yeah Free Unfunk, yeah Ride me like a goose, yeah Like a goose, yeah Chicken-limb coupe, yeah Racks, skrt!

Double-R with no roof, yeah Woop, woop, woop Racin' down the street, nigga flyin' by high-speed, yeah Whew, whew Yeah, makin' other rappers on time, yeah Film while ridin' with broads, yeah Yeah All my niggas here like a beat, yeah Yeah NoPlug pull up, nigga park, yeah Pull up to the nine, nigga, blood, yeah Pull up and it's fire like a pot, yeah Pot All a nigga's diamonds gettin' large, yeah All my niggas playin' like a child, yeah, ah Skrt skrt shit, nigga, why I sucked at law? Yeah What? Where the crip?

He ain't there My bitch, she'd have banged, yeah Bang My bitch, she so dangerous My bitch, she so bad My bitch, she so av' Huh? Oops, I meant no Yeah No, my bitch ain't no average hoe Least a classy hoe, oh yeah, yeah, yo And her circle small like Cheerio, oh, oh, yo Hey Now you know, niggas, oh no, no, no Oh I ain't writing now, oh yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah You so fine, baby, here, baby, go 'n' have my child Ooh Oh yeah, yeah, yeah I'm ready, like I'm spaghetti, yeah Oh yeah, yeah So ready, ready, I'm ready You dig?

Yeah Haha Pop a perky and get ready Real spit! Woah [Verse 9: Young Thug] I wanna see you twerk! Yeah I listen to that R. Kelly, "I Wish" I Wish Then I cry like a little bitty fuckin' bitch, yeah But I love my brother, believe I really miss him Real talk I swear there's no other, I'd give you all this shit, yeah Yeah, you can have it all I'd give it all up to see him I wanna see my mama's face when she gon' see him, ah Big Duck I know these pussy niggas trippin', they wanna see you, yeah They wanna see you They tryna stop you 'cause they know you like the Beatles, yeah Beatles But they forgot that your lil brother out, and he Thugger Yeah, I got that Ruga and a Reega Pull it I told you, yeah, yeah Buh I, I'll pop at your top 'bout my soldier, yeah Pop it Yeah, that's my round like I'm from New Orleans, yeah Yeah, yeah, crack baby, yeah, yeah What?

But I wasn't born in the '80s, oh, baby, yeah, yeah I wasn't even born up at Grady's, no, no, yeah, yeah Ten thousand dollar couch in the apartment, my mama had me pick, ooh, damn True I-I came out with a few things, ooh, da-damn It's true, yeah, ayy Yeah, I had diamonds in my skin, yeah, mmh, yeah Swea Elm Elementary, I'm the prince Thugger, show it Yeah, how I got in trouble? I ain't never do this Man, fuck, yeah I ranned off from 'em, and they say I'm missing Yeah, bye But, bae, your son just out here strictly pimpin', ooh What, chuch Yeah, I'm just gettin' 'em digits, yeah Racks, cash Fell in love like I'll fuck that Benjie Hah, hah [Verse Young Thug] My nigga kickin' it, yeah Kickin' it My baby girl gettin' it Gettin' it, gettin' it Know you want to say her name, hhh But you can't, 'cause that's I just buy them cars, yeah Bentley, blatt, woah, can't stop!

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I put them gangstas inside them skinnies, yeah "How you a G? Yeah, Eliantte, that's my jeweler, spoil me Eliantte, ayy, hey! Yeah, I got that one of one, no shortage Eliantte! Yeah Yeah Nigga, Dora got me some loud like a You can call all of your friends, and then they come dancing, yeah Come party, on God!

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Put us inside that moment. It was a very abrupt moment. We had rented an air force plane to go from Uruguay to Chile. He began to climb, until the plane was nearly vertical and it began to stall and shake. Then we smashed into the side of the mountain.

What made you want to write another book? I encouraged everyone to write his own book because they are 16 different stories of survival.

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Personally, I believe this was a kind of experiment by a malicious hand that decided to throw onto the mountain a group of young rugby players. University students with education and a belief in God—ideal guinea pigs for an experiment in human behavior. Who survived? The ones who survived were those who most felt the joy of living. That gave them a reason to survive.

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Because I was lucky. And because I always go step by step. There was always something to do, and I am very active. I nearly gave up when the avalanche struck us. He had broken legs—but I could walk. My mission was not to just think what was better for me, but what was better for the group. You used many ingenious methods to survive, like melting snow using a sheet of aluminum from the back part of one of the seats.

Talk about some of the other things you did. We needed blankets, so we skinned the seats of the plane, which contained a wool fabric. We put all the suitcases at the back of the fuselage to keep out the weather. We used the bottom of the seats for snowshoes and built hammocks for the people with broken legs. Everyone had a role, and because I was a medical student, I was in charge of the injured persons.

Euthyphro dilemma - Wikipedia

We melted snow to get water. We filled our rugby socks with meat for the trek out and used the insulation from the kitchen to make sleeping bags. At night, we used rugby balls to pee in because if you went outside your pee would freeze. You also practiced cannibalism. We had to eat these dead bodies, and that was it.