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Loved this post? Share with others: Twitter Facebook Pinterest Email. I'm so glad you've stopped by to visit with me. I hope we can be friends! Comments I like the idea of the lemon and hot water. I really don't worry about my water intake because I had a Kidney transplant 6 years ago so I drink about a gallon of water a day. Not always easy but has to be done.

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  • I tell people all the time to drink water it keeps your Kidney's healthy. Wow, Tammy! What a great testimony! I really like the lemon and hot water. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Footer What others are saying: div.

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    • Cheryl Dearest Melissa, I definitely do not believe in coincidence. Finding you tonight was Holy Spirit and nspired. I am a lover of stories. Especially the ones where God was there Amanda I LOVE what you said about being present, and I am often guilty of trying to escape behind a computer while my 11 mo. I should be present more often, so thanks for helping me realize that. Alexandra This speaks volumes of being a stay at home mom. I can certainly relate with these exact feelings and connections to contentment. It is such a hard life and we work so hard but find ourselves lost in our own ideas of what we want and how we imagined things Emma I made the gluten free version [of your 7 Up Biscuits].

      I added a teaspoon of yeast. These biscuits came out so nice. Very soft. Will let them ride a bit longer next time. Thank you they were so much more tasty than gluten free Bisquick. Search this website. Be the first! Join the discussion. Sign in to leave a comment.

      Real Advice for Socializing at Work When Alcohol's Not Your Thing

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      Premium Series Kits. Give Me To Drink. Add a note optional. Having trouble logging into your account? Try resetting your password. In fact, having a fun, visual way to see that my effort is adding up is just about the best way to get me to stick with something. And bonus points if the thing I'm using to mark my progress is as fun to look at as the progress itself. Every time I let my glass or bottle sit on my desk empty, it stays that way for hours. Hours I could be filling with ounces logged. Sure, I keep telling myself I will get up and get more water any second.

      But do I? Nope, I sure don't. But if you make a rule that as soon as you finish a container you have to fill it back up again, well, I doubt you'll have an empty glass or bottle in your midst for more than a minute or two. You're just more likely to keep drinking if the glass is full. Truth be told I'm probably more of a grazer than a snacker.

      We Asked 5 People Why They Cut Back on Alcohol | SELF

      I'm almost never not snacking. And I notice that when I'm chomping on salted almonds or pretzels, you'd have to fight me to get my water bottle out of my hands. Everyone has different needs around sodium and different likes and dislikes for flavor, too. But if salty stuff is your jam and you're snacking anyway, why not marry the two and graze on stuff that will make you reach for your water bottle. There's nothing like salted nuts or beef jerky to get you to pound water. What is tea but deliciously flavored water? Drink it hot in the winter and ice it in summer.

      Whether you like citrus, floral, spicy, or even chocolate-y, there's a tea out there for you. I love making tea during the day because it gives me a mini break from work. I love drinking it in the evening because a warm, gentle beverage always makes me feel a little calmer.

      A hot mug of tea on a winter afternoon or an ice cold glass in the summer are just about the best two things ever.

      RAMONES - Somebody Put Something In My Drink

      Lean in to tea, form a tea habit, and enjoy the hydration. I don't know about you but I routinely leave the house without filling up my water bottle and instead of buying it when I'm out, which seems wasteful, especially when I have my empty refillable bottle with me, I just wait till I get somewhere I can refill it, which might mean I go without water for hours.

      This means many valuable hours of potential water-drinking time go down the drain pun very much intended.

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      Don't be like me: Keep full water bottles in your most trafficked places as well as in bags, your car, on your bike, etc. There's no bad place to keep a full water bottle! It just feels to big and overwhelming. That's why something like "drink eight glasses of water today" which isn't accurate, anyway on it's own wouldn't do much for me. But if you tell me to drink two glasses of water by 10 A. Bite-size goals throughout the day are what make something feel even remotely do-able to me.

      I imagine it would be the same for hitting my hydration goals. Basically staying hydrated when you work out is a must so instead of sipping at the water fountain between sets or thinking of that post-run coffee as hydration we've all done it , make a point of filling and then finishing a bottle of water every single time you exercise or sip and down the rest after you've finished your session. It's another way to associate an activity with getting your water in and since this particular activity really benefits from water, why not make it a rule?

      Of course, everyone's needs around hydration are different and no one likes to feel sloshy when they exercise, but even just some sips before, during, and after your workout will mean a drained water bottle in no time.

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      If you use a straw, you will drink faster, which will mean you will drink more. Besides, who doesn't want a nifty accessory to make their task a little more fun? But skip the disposable plastic straws which are flimsy and, of course, not good for the planet. There's nothing like outsourcing effort when you can and when a straw is in the mix it's almost difficult to not suck down an entire glass or bottle of water.

      Working in an office, I notice that a lot of people's stand around time takes place when they're in the kitchen waiting for their coffee to finish brewing. And the same goes for me when I'm at home.