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This "indifference to the nationality of companies" is perhaps the most radical, and unexpected, part of the bill.

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Dismay as BBC escapes full reach of Ofcom FT Industry observers expressed disappointment that the communications bill did not bring the BBC fully under the regime of Ofcom, the planned regulator for media and communications sectors. Commission suspects Deutsche Telekom of charging anti-competitive tariffs for access to its local network RAPID The European Commission has sent Deutsche Telekom AG DT a statement of objections setting out the preliminary conclusion that the German incumbent telecommunications operator has abused its dominant position through unfair pricing regarding the provision of local access to its fixed telecommunications network local loop.

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The Commission is concerned about DT's practice of charging new entrants higher fees for wholesale access to the local loop than what DT's subscribers pay for retail access. In einem Interview mit heute. The poll covering reading, music, television, Internet use or artistic activities confirms the mass phenomena common to all Europeans importance of television and cinema , but also reveals major differences in cultural habits reading of newspapers, use of the new information and communication technologies. VAT: Commission welcomes Council adoption of rules for application of VAT to electronically delivered services The European Commission has welcomed the Council's adoption of a Directive and a Regulation to modify the rules for applying value added tax VAT to certain services supplied by electronic means as well as subscription-based and pay-per-view radio and television broadcasting.

The new rules will create a level playing field for the taxation of digital e-commerce. The new rules will apply to the supply over electronic networks i. No additional obligations will be imposed on non-EU suppliers selling to business customers in the Union i. The changes will however require suppliers of digital products from outside the EU for the first time to charge VAT on sales to private consumers so-called B2C , just like EU suppliers. File sharing pirates go underground vnunet Software pirates are borrowing techniques and tools from hackers in a bid to take over high bandwidth servers, such as those at universities and web hosts, to help develop large underground file sharing networks.

Last year, a French court ordered U. In November, a U. The U. Shanghai cybercafes shut down BBC Nearly internet cafes have been closed down by the authorities in China's second largest city, Shanghai. The latest clampdown targeted unlicensed cafes in the suburbs, the state-run Xinhua news agency said. Media Literacy: An Alternative to Censorship Free Expression Policy Project A page report which surveys the history and current state of media literacy education and illustrates why it is far preferable to TV ratings, Internet filters, "indecency" laws, and other efforts to censor the ideas and information available to the young.

Includes five recommendations for public policies to advance media literacy. Excerpts and full report. Now they must choose between privacy and security. Furor Over Internet Game Newsday. Labels: Rating and filtering. Download the entire study in PDF format. SmartID LSE SmartID is a discussion group set up by a team at the Computer Security Research Centre at the London School of Economics for the exchange of news and discussion about the social and organisational issues of the large-scale deployment of smart-card systems.

Since , a federal law, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act TCPA , has prohibited unsolicited "junk" fax advertisements in all fifty states, and allowed recipients to sue the businesses that send them. But in March, in State of Missouri v. American Blast Fax, Inc. Belgium's silent heart of darkness Observer Something is rotten in the state of Belgium. Six years after the arrest of Marc Dutroux, the country's notorious paedophile, no date has been set for his trial and the case remains painfully unresolved. Namibia - TV staff accidentally broadcast porn Ananova Two workers at Namibia's Broadcasting Corporation have been sacked after pornographic footage was briefly shown on TV.

It is believed some employees were watching a porn video when a studio technician pressed the wrong button. Officers found his computer crammed with pictures of naked children which he had downloaded from the internet. It was examined by the forensic computer unit who found sexually explicit images of children. Linlithgow Sheriff Court heard a social work report on Goadby assessed him as being at high-risk of doing it again.

German Right Seeks Ban on Violent Videos, Games Reuters - Germany's conservative opposition, reacting to the country's worst mass murder since World War Two, called for a ban on the distribution of violent films, video and text which might lead young people astray.

Kunczik, Michael

The conservatives pushed the issue of teenage violence to the top of their general election campaign after failed year-old student Robert Steinhaeuser shot dead 16 people at his former school on April 26 and then killed himself. EU - Commission launches consultation on the law applicable to non-contractual obligations "Rome II" RAPID The European Commission launched a consultation on a preliminary draft proposal for a Council regulation which aims at harmonising the rules with respect of the law applicable to non-contractual obligations "Rome II". This initiative is part of the work under progress within the European Union in order to develop a genuine area of freedom and justice.

Its objective is to ensure that courts of all Member States apply the same law to cross border disputes on non-contractual obligations, thus facilitating the mutual recognition of judicial decisions throughout the European Union. Contributions to the debate may be sent to JAI-coop-jud-civil cec. Another Go at Kid Porn Law AP Lawmakers, angry at the Supreme Court for striking down parts of an anti-child pornography law, are proposing legislation they hope will pass constitutional muster while banning computer simulations and other fool-the-eye depictions of teen-agers or children having sex.

Porn Panel Plays It Safe Wired - A government-commissioned report titled "Youth, Pornography, and the Internet" could have been a near-hysterical condemnation of technology and a cry for intrusive new laws. Instead, a chapter report by the National Research Council takes a sober look at the legal, technological and social means that parents and teachers can use to shield children and teenagers from virtual smut.

BBCi Search, available from the homepage bbc. Is Yahoo losing the plot? Although Yahoo denies these figures reflect the true state of play, is this a sign of the beginning of the end for one of the net's earliest success stories? DrinkOrDie Software Pirate Goes To Prison Newsbytes A figure in the software pirating group DrinkOrDie has been sent to prison for nearly three years, the first of many members of the "warez" organization that will be sentenced for their roles in an operation that caused millions of dollars in damages.

Europe Proposes Dual Plan on Disputes in Commerce New York Times Struggling with the question of which member country's laws should apply in cross-border commercial disputes, the European Commission released a draft law today that would treat Internet and non-Internet commerce in opposite ways. The new draft law, known as Rome II, calls for settling disputes using the laws of the country where the injury took place. In disputes between consumers and businesses, that would usually mean the consumer's home nation, a provision that many businesses, especially marketers and publishers, say would make doing business across borders too risky.

But the law would not apply to industries in which the member European Union has already set different cross-border rules. And the union has already adopted a law called the e-commerce directive, which says that the laws of the country where the supplier or Web site is situated should apply in disputes involving online marketing, publishing and sales.

The television industry would also be exempt from the new law because of the existing TV Without Frontiers directive, which likewise calls for the laws of the country of origin to govern cross-border disputes. SonicBlue Protests Court Order To Monitor ReplayTV Users Newsbytes SonicBlue, makers of the network-connected ReplayTV digital video recorder, is scrambling to reverse a court order that it monitor how customers use its technology to record their favorite television programs and skip past commercials.

Smith was sentenced in a New Jersey court to 10 years in prison on state charges but will serve only a month federal sentence handed down Wednesday. Or so says data released by Redshift Research. Between February and April this year, the Kazaa media-swapping network grew by nearly 70 percent. Meanwhile, usage of Morpheus, once the largest peer-to-peer network, has gone in the opposite direction,.

Lawrence Lessig: The "Dinosaurs" Are Taking Over Business Week If the media giants have their way, the Net freedom fighter says, content will be rigidly controlled and innovation stifled. Nintendo to unveil GameCube online service - sources Reuters Video game company Nintendo, the only console maker without a strategy for online game play, will unveil plans for Internet-based services for the GameCube at a key industry trade show later this month, an industry source.

Tough penalties for mobile phone theft BBC A Bill published by the Home Office will make it a criminal offence to reprogram stolen phones to create a new number so they can be used again.

District Court judge recently ruled that video games are not a protected form of speech under the First Amendment, and upheld a St. Louis County ordinance restricting the use of "violent" video games by minors.

A media law specialist considers that the finding that video games are not protected speech will not survive on appeal. Australian Govt Seeks Rules Against 'Internet Dumping' Newsbytes The Australian government has proposed powers for the nation's telecommunications regulator that would allow it to tackle the practice of "Internet dumping. Court Backs Vivendi's Bid To Re-do Shareholder Vote Newsbytes Vivendi Universal said that the finding by a Paris Commercial Court means it will reconvene another shareholders' meeting and re-do voting on at least some of the resolutions presented at the April 24 meeting.


However, Vivendi Universal said the court agreed to its request for an investigation of the voting "malfunction. SonicBlue ordered to track ReplayTV users' viewing choices Mercury News A federal magistrate in Los Angeles has ordered SonicBlue to spy on thousands of digital video recorder users -- monitoring every show they record, every commercial they skip and every program they send electronically to a friend. Four separate lawsuits focus on a pair of features on the ReplayTV an "AutoSkip'' function that allows the device to bypass commercials while recording a program and a high-speed Internet port that allows users to download programs from the Internet or send them to other ReplayTV users.

The suits allege these features effectively deprive networks of the means of paying for their programs -- advertising revenue. Schumann, Christian Klein There has been much talk about the risks to radio networks. How great is the actual danger and does criminal law protect against assaults on radio networks?

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First published in German in Datenschutz und Datensicherheit, April In the interview, Mr. Kellner said :"[Ad skips are] theft. Your contract with the network when you get the show is you're going to watch the spots. Otherwise you couldn't get the show on an ad-supported basis. Any time you skip a commercial or watch the button you're actually stealing the programming.

LawMeme offers the top ten new copyright crimes, as well as further choice quotes and commentary from Mr. Kellner's interview. Force that unites protesters Guardian. Internet industry lobbying to soften European law CW The European Commission will make concession to online businesses when it unveils a watered-down draft of its controversial Rome II law on cross-border disputes. For most online activity the new draft will defer to the European Commission's e-commerce directive, which is in the process of being adopted as national law by the member states.

That directive states clearly that the laws of the country in which a product or service originated - the country of the supplier - should apply to all online activity except e-mail. The original draft of Rome II had said that the laws of the country where the consumer is based should apply in a cross-border dispute, rather than the laws of the country where the supplier is based.

Germany to review gun laws and video violence FT German politicians from across the party spectrum demanded urgent reviews of gun controls and laws covering access to violent videos and computer games to prevent a recurrence of last week's school shooting that left 17 dead. They also called for a broader political debate on the events and violent influences on young people, amid nationwide scenes of mourning and soul searching.