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Hope Downs was largely written over the past year in the band's Melbourne rehearsal room where their previous releases were also written and recorded.

Black Cat Storms The Field on Monday Night Football, Wins The Internet Over Cowboys and Giants

The band's core trio of songwriters— Fran Keaney, Joe White, and Tom Russo—hunkered down and wrote as the chaos of the world outside unavoidably seeped into the songwriting process. Russo explains.

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We wanted to make sure it sounded like us," White explains. Hope Downs possesses a robust full-band sound that's all the more impressive considering the band's studio avoidance tendencies.

It's a record that focuses on finding the bright spots at a time when cynicism all too often feels like the natural state. Rolling Blackouts C. Get Tickets.

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US Canada Regions. Mon Sep Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever Deeper. Black Cat 14th St. When she took a closer look, she saw that these kittens had different furs from regular kittens.

She had never seen such coats on newborn cats. Both Jacqueline and her volunteers had no idea about why the kittens looked so different. Were they carrying some disease?

Black Cat Fever

The vet needed to have a second look and confirm if these kittens would even live. All the seven kittens carried a strange silver coat of fur on them.

No one ever had seen kittens like these. The kittens seemed very aged because of the silver color fur.

Fever Black Cat Fever Tee T-shirt | Rockabilia Merch Store

The kittens were run through another detailed check-up only to find out that their vitals were fine and none of them carried any fatal disease. They also said that it was not an abnormal occurrence and that it can happen to any kitten if the mother went through stress or fell sick during the pregnancy. This might have been the case with this mother cat as well and that is why the kittens have developed a coat of silver fur. The doctors gave a detailed brief as to why the kittens carried this pigmentation.